10 Things You Need to Know About Websites!


1.) Reliable Web Hosting Service

Think of a web host as similar to a landlord who rents a business/ brand space for a physical shop. Web hosts provide and maintain the server space where your website files “live” and make it possible for visitors/customers to explore your site.

Like a good landlord, a reliable web host will provide fast service, ongoing maintenance and improvements, and great customer service and support. If you choose a host who also provides custom design services like CAE Business Solutions LTD you will be provided with a unique website and various reliable hosting plans.

2.) A Content Management System (CMS)

Your content management system (CMS) works behind the scenes to help your organisation/brand to maintain parts of your website like your website’s pages and metadata. Thus, your CMS makes it easier for visitors/customers to navigate your website.

3.) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics

Optimising your website with regards to SEO is essential. CAE Business Solutions LTD provides SEO services that will ensure your website ranks highly in search engines and is in accordance with SEO best practices. CAE Business Solutions LTD is able to ensure all our clients are on the first page of search engines by ensuring keyword selection is specific, relative, and descriptive.

4.) Analytics Tools

All businesses/brands want to find out how customers/clients are locating their services/products online, which pages customers/clients spend the most time on, and your conversion rate with regards to website traffic. Google Analytics is the most popular analytic tool available and its resources do not cost anything to use and it is compatible with WordPress which is the most popular Content Management System.

5.) Inventory Management

When selling products on a business’s/brands website a business/brand may want to keep a record of stock levels.

This is where inventory management tools come in. They can be integrated with the checkout process and shop pages, businesses/brands, and customers will both know whether an item is available to buy. CAE Business solutions LTD can easily integrate an inventory management system into a newly built website or an existing website to ensure stock levels are replenished regularly.

6.) Mobile-Friendly Template and Theme

A site will need to be responsive on all sizes and types of screens (laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones). CAE Business Solutions LTD design mobile-optimised and responsive websites and ensure sites are fast loading, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Having a mobile-friendly website will also help SEO, as it is something all search engines inspect.

7.) Sections That Visitors Expect

Have you ever visited a new website that did not feel finished or an online shop that was disorientating?
The probable causes were that the website had some elements missing that you had come to expect: a ‘home page that lets you know what the site is for, an ‘about us’ section that shows there are real people behind the site, and ‘contact’ information so readers or customers can reach you if they have questions or feedback.

8.) Media

It has become a rarity for a site to build an audience on words alone. Our eyes are naturally drawn to images, especially if they move and make noise, and images are a must if you are selling merchandise/products online.
Ensure images are chosen to ensure they look good and load quickly, and ensure all images are tagged and named.

9.) Social Media Links and Integration

A brand/business does not have to be active on every social media platform, however, your website should link to your chosen social media platforms. Depending on how often your brands/businesses’ social media platforms are updated, it may be worth purchasing a widget that shows your most recent posts.

10.) Shopping Cart and Payment Tools

If your brand/business website includes a shop, it is essential that you chose a reliable, easy-to-use shopping cart and payment tool. Most e-commerce platforms integrate well with WordPress which is a content management system that CAE Business Solutions LTD is very experienced in working with.

If you are interested in taking your brand or business to the next level online, then get in touch with our team at CAE Business Solutions Ltd.

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