5 Ways to Increase your Search Ranking on Google

SEO explained
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves increasing visitors to your website from search engines including Google and Yahoo. These visitors can be either algorithmic (gained through targeted advertising) or organic (gained through a specific search query). A website that appears higher up in the search results will receive more views, or visitors. Some methods that will raise your web pages ranking (and increase visitors) without paying search engines are listed below:

Page Titles
The page title is used by search engines to extract basic information about the pages contents. This helps users of the search engine to research for specific topics. You can use a good page title to raise your page ranking in search engines along with keywords and page topics.

Placing keywords correctly can be very effective in helping users of search engines to find your website. Use of the right keywords makes it easier for your website or web page to be found with a search.

Mobile Site
A high percentage of organic website visitors come from search engine searches on mobile devices. Ensuring that your website is mobile device friendly is therefore very important. Websites which provide a better mobile user experience will rank higher on Google.

Content Updating
Updating your websites content frequently gives users a feeling that your website is relevant. A good way to update your site is to include a blog. Blogs can be updated frequently and can be used to give your websites visitors interesting information as well as increasing your page ranking.

URL Length
Keeping your URL short helps a search engine improve your websites rank. Also, if the URL is relevant to the websites keywords and topic this can also help increase the rank.

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