6 Things SEO Cannot Do For Your Business
6 Things SEO Cannot Do for Your Business
Improve the accessibility of your services
A strategic approach to SEO practices will improve any websites search engine rank and ensure that your brand is visible. However, some businesses make impulsive decisions which lead to major mistakes. They get locked into subscription-based SEO services that are not proven and are costly. Other mistakes that businesses make is to assume that engaging with an SEO agency will lead to an influx of traffic and potential sales.
SEO can definitely be beneficial and lead to increased sales. However, there are other factors at play.
1.) SEO practices cannot fix poorly constructed content.

Content is very important to any website’s success with regards to engagement. This is why poor content can really damage a site and reduce engagement. However, good content engages a website’s audience and leads to more shares on social media platforms which is crucial with regards to where a website ranks on search engines.

If you are not investing in good quality content that offers value and encourages engagement, a business may be sabotaging their own SEO efforts’.

2.) Guarantee an immediate change in search engine rankings

It takes time for a solid SEO strategy to produce results and if other factors are at play, like a questionable site history which can be rectified, a boost in rankings may take even longer or require a different strategic approach. However, with a well thought out SEO campaign a company can see a significant change in ranking within 6-8 months.

3.) Fix an inadequately designed Site

Visitors to any site prefer websites that are easy to navigate, professionally designed and display properly on mobile devices.

When engagement is low and bounce rate is high it might be time to consider utilising a website designer in order to ensure your brand is presented adequately on the internet.

4.) Guarantee Sales

SEO can directly lead to a boost in sales. However, the service or product a company or brand provides is what leads to more purchases.

Increased traffic and improvement in search engine ranking will offer considerably more opportunities. Although, only relying on SEO is risky as what any brand or business should be paying close attention to is their rate of conversion.

5.) Increase user engagement

User engagement is important not only for SEO but also for brand awareness and sales. When users are engaged, a business has the attention of their potential customers which provides a unique opportunity to build trust and provide their audience with more valuable content.

User engagement increases shares on social media platforms and encourages new audiences to contribute to the conversation around the businesses or brands endeavours.

6.) Fix a Bad Reputation

SEO can be used to conceal bad reviews and complaints. However, SEO cannot be used to repair an inherently bad reputation.

If customers are not happy with your services or products, word will spread and a business’s or brands reputation will be affected negatively. Adjusting the quality of your service and/or products is a more cost-effective solution than constantly engaging in SEO campaigns.

SEO should be a part of every business’s online marketing strategy, but it is important to have realistic expectations and take a multi-faceted approach to improve search engine rankings. Include a well-designed website, well-constructed content, audience engagement both on a businesses or brands website and social media platforms. All this in conjunction with a focus on offering exceptional services/products can work alongside SEO to help a business achieve its goals.

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How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business
How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business
Improve the accessibility of your services
Developing an app for your customers helps you to make your services more accessible. This benefit is particularly pronounced if your services are technical and require explanation and, in this instance, a mobile application can be used to increase the ease of understanding of your offerings.
1.) Build customer loyalty

By developing an app for your customers, the increased ease of service accessibility can improve the chances of repeat custom. Through app development, a business or brand can demonstrate their commitment to their audience and their audience’s engagement. Apps also present an opportunity to show your audience why they should trust your brand or business and can effectively communicate values that your brand or business adheres to.

2.) Display engagement with the advances of technology

The fact that a business, brand or organisation has an app gives the impression that the entity concerned is keeping up-to-date with technological advances and is proactive, not reactive to advancements in industry.

3.) Make customer contact easier

When an organisation or brand has an app that customers can easily engage with the communication factor is enhanced. The app can be used to communicate its service offerings to customers and customers can engage with those services in a few clicks.

4.) Create a database of prospective customers

Every customer is important and a business needs to be engaging with customers in various ways to make sales. If a business has an app each customer can form part of a database of clients that can be engaged with.

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3 ways you can improve your brands image
3 Ways You Can Improve Your Brands Image
Brand Images Role in Business


Brand image plays an integral role in how a company or a personal brand is perceived. Branding your company or your personal brand correctly can influence how your brand is received by end-users. If a brand appears to be confused, then that will have a negative impact on the brands overall performance.
There is a theme that runs through every successful brand and that is brand cohesion. This ensures the consistency of your brand regardless of the platform that is being utilised. A brand needs to be immediately recognisable. A brand needs to appear uniform, therefore, the same fonts, graphics, illustrations and colours should be consistent across the entire brand with regards to social media platforms and other marketing materials used to engage clients and communities.


1.) Understand the importance of a well-designed website

The appearance of a website and how said website functions can either add or subtract from your company or personal brand.
• The pages must load quickly
• The pages should not be unnecessarily long
• Navigation should not be difficult across the site as a whole
• Appropriate colours should be used with regards to the construction of the website http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-meanings-in-business.html
• All the website links should work
• A picture says a thousand words so limit your word count and utilise images that can convey your brand message

2.) Communicate your core values and their relevance with regards to how you conduct your operations.

Your core values should play an important role in regards to how your brand conducts activities.
Brands that are successful are usually very good at communicating their values. The origins of the company helps people to connect and engage with the brand on a personal level. This encourages brand loyalty.
To define your core values and establish how you wish to conduct your operations and accomplish a successful brand strategy ask of yourself the following questions:
• What is the motivation behind my brand?
• What impact am I trying to achieve with my brand?
• Why do I want to engage with my clients/ community?

Once these core motivators and beliefs are established we would advise that they are compiled into a manifesto that can be shared.

3.) Be visible

There is a common problem that concerns brands and that is visibility. The best way to engage audiences is to increase visibility and to implement a strategy.
Essentially, this would involve locating your audience and targeting them with marketing initiatives simultaneously.
This will present the impression of you effectively being everywhere at once, your target audience will take notice.
You can then extend this strategy into multiple different arenas to engage with more of your target audience.

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3 Proven Reasons Why Polished Designs are Good Business
3 Proven Reasons Why Polished Designs are Good Business
According to Adobe, companies with a strong design outperform companies with a weak design by 219% on the S&P Index (a stock market index) over the span of 10 years.
In fact, 72% of people surveyed by CAE Business Solutions LTD (caebusinesssolutions.co.uk) said that the design of a business’s website is of great concern when determining the credibility of that business.
This compounds the link between a good design being directly linked to trust.
When clients engage with the services of a company they want to be assured that they are dealing with experienced professionals. Investing in professional designs shows that your business values professionalism to potential clients. Remember first impressions count!
1.) A polished design ensures you stand out.

A Good design is about using colours, shapes, textures, space, forms, images, and content in a harmonious and balanced way to ensure your brand stands out from your counterparts. By ensuring your designs are current, modern and impressive clients will naturally gravitate towards your products.

2.) A polished design encourages customer relationships.

Great designs use colour, layout, and smart font choice to connect to their consumer in meaningful and emotionally driven ways and most importantly make an impact by being memorable. The visual display of your brand is the best way to show clients who you are and what your brand stands for. Your designs should work in conjunction with the foundation of the principles you have built your company on.

3.) A polished design is the key to social media success.

Please do not make the mistake of falling into the trap that a well-designed website will suffice with regards to attracting clients. A substantial amount of marketing efforts are conducted on social media platforms. However, aesthetics are crucial with regards to a business’s success on any social media platform. Poor designs will not fare well on any social medium today.
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5 Ways to Increase your Search Ranking on Google
5 Ways to Increase your Search Ranking on Google
SEO explained
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves increasing visitors to your website from search engines including Google and Yahoo. These visitors can be either algorithmic (gained through targeted advertising) or organic (gained through a specific search query). A website that appears higher up in the search results will receive more views or visitors. Some methods that will raise your web pages ranking (and increase visitors) without paying search engines are listed below:
1.)Page Titles

The page title is used by search engines to extract basic information about the contents of the page. This helps users of the search engine to research for specific topics. You can use a good page title to raise your page ranking in search engines along with keywords and page topics.

2.) Keywords

Placing keywords correctly can be very effective in helping users of search engines to find your website. Use of the right keywords makes it easier for your website or web page to be found with a search.

3.) Mobile Site

A high percentage of organic website visitors come from search engine searches on mobile devices. Ensuring that your website is mobile device friendly is therefore very important. Websites which provide a better mobile user experience will rank higher on Google.

4.) Content Updating

Updating the content of your website frequently gives users a feeling that your website is relevant. A good way to update your site is to include a blog. Blogs can be updated frequently and can be used to give your websites visitors interesting information as well as increasing your page ranking.

5.) URL Length

Keeping your URL short helps a search engine improve your websites rank. Also, if the URL is relevant to the website’s keywords and the topic this can also help increase the rank.

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Different Website styles to match your Brands needs
Different Website styles to match your Brands needs
Websites can be categorised in terms of the functions they can perform.
In terms of functionality, there are many types of websites. Below are some examples:
  1. Brochure Website
  2. eCommerce Website
  3. Portal Website
  4. Wiki Website
  5. Social Media Website
  6. Business Website/Non-Profit Website
  7. Media Website/ Entertainment Website
  8. Educational Website
  9. Personal Website
  10. Portfolio Website
  11. Infopreneur Website
  12. Crowdfunding Website
  13. TV or Video Streaming Websites
1.) Brochure Website

A brochure website is the simplest type of website in terms of functionality. Brochure websites typically only have a few pages and will be used by small businesses that need a simple online presence.

2.) eCommerce Website

An e-commerce website is a website through which users can pay for a product or service online.

3.) Portal Website

A portal website brings together information from lots of different sources on the web.

4.) Wiki Website

A wiki website is one which allows people to collaborate online and write content together.

5.) Social Media Website

Social media websites are platforms which allow the sharing of images or ideas. They encourage online interaction and sharing.

6.) Business Website/Non-Profit Website

A Business Website/Non-Profit website are websites that are devoted to representing a specific endeavour. These types of websites’ focus should be directed at branding and communicating the types of products and/or services on offer.

7.) Media Website/ Entertainment Website

Media Websites/Entertainment Websites collect news stories with regards to celebrities, politicians and the public. These types of websites generate income via advertisements that show up on the page rather than through selling specific products or services.

8.) Educational Website

The websites of educational institutions and those offering online courses fall into the category of educational websites. These websites have the primary goal of providing information that solely relates to the educational institution they represent.

9.) Personal Website

Some people find value in creating personal websites to make others aware of their perspective in relation to the world. Personal websites include personal blogs, vlogs, and photo diaries people share with the world.

10.) Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are sites devoted to showcasing work. Service providers who want to show potential clients the quality of the work they provide can use a portfolio website to collect examples of work they have completed.

11.) Infopreneur Website

Infopreneur websites overlap slightly with business and e-commerce websites, but they represent a unique type of online business. Infopreneurs create and sell information products. That could be in the form of courses, tutorials, videos or eBooks.

12.) Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from lots of people. It involves creating a pitch video for your project, setting a target and hoping to reach it by your set deadline. Those who believe in what you are working on will pledge a small amount of money to be a part of it.

13.) TV or Video Streaming

Streaming websites allow the public to listen to music or watch videos without the need for downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. Some websites prefer streaming because it’s hard for most end users to save the content and distribute it.

Types of Layouts:


A dynamic website or web page will display different content each time it is visited. Dynamic websites can also be set up to show different content to different users at different times of the day etc. Dynamic websites make for a more personal and interactive experience for the user, although they can be a little more complex to develop and may load slightly slower than static ones.

Static/ Fixed

Static, or ‘fixed’, websites are the most simplistic. Their content does not change depending on the user and is not regularly updated. Static websites are built using simple HTML code and typically provide information. These types of websites are not optimised for different sized screens. It is built to be a fixed width of pixels. If you open a website which is static/fixed on a mobile, you will have to zoom in to see what is written on each page. Static websites load slightly faster due to their simplicity. However, they are not recommended due to the poor user experience for those on mobiles or tablets. It is believed that over 50% of all searches are now conducted on mobile, so this is an important consideration.

Fluid or liquid

A website built with a fluid or liquid design ensures that the site looks the same in terms of proportions no matter what the screen size. Each element of the website, such as the navigation bar, will take up the same relative amount of space on every device.


A website with a responsive design goes one step further than one which is fluid or liquid. A website with responsive design is one which is completely optimised for mobiles and tablets, to the point where the website will look different on each device. It is especially important that your website is responsive if a large proportion of your audience use devices other than a computer to view your site, as it offers the best experience to these users.

What Type of Website Will You Create?

Whatever type of website you choose to create, it’s important to think through what you want from it and make sure your design is based on the goals you have in mind.

If you are interested in taking your brand to the next level online with a unique website design, then get in touch with our team at CAE Business Solutions Ltd.

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