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This step is relatively straight forward. It involves the client hearing about us or discovering our website and contact details in some way (perhaps from our website or business card etc.) and subsequently calling us or emailing us with a business need. The need could be that they require website design services or help with branding etc. After the potential client communicates their business need we would move to step 2.


At this stage we would ask for a client’s contact phone number and email address so we are able to keep in touch with the potential client and contact them if and when necessary. If the potential client calls us and the line cuts out we have their number to call them back. Also, we would need their contact details for a later stage of this stage plan.


During this stage we would need to hear a little about what the potential client’s business needs are. We would typically utilise an assessment form at this stage and ask questions of the potential client regarding their business and branding needs. An assessment could take some time depending on the client and therefore an assessment form could be sent in an email for the potential client to fill in or it could be addressed over the phone.


After the assessment form has been filled in this is our time to look through the answers and decide if we can fulfil the requirements or not. If we can then this is the time to draft a proposal for the potential client to peruse.


Once we have drafted our proposal we could then send the proposal via email to the potential client to look over and decide if they would be happy with the proposal or not. If they are happy with it they would typically email us back or we could call them after a period of time to chase up their decision. Upon accepting our proposal contracts would need to be written up and terms and conditions would need to be sent over to the client. The payment details would be ironed out here also.


The services described in the contracts gleaned from our proposals would then need to be adhered to in the carrying out of the services described for the client. This is where we would put maximum effort into ensuring the client is happy with the service.


After the service delivery and the essential excellent customer service the client walks away happy. The transaction has been made, the CAE Business Solutions team gets paid and the client receives excellent business and branding service delivery.

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