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"Striving to bring our clients’ visions to reality"

CAE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD is a business development & technology company offering other businesses, organisations, and individuals various business and branding developmental services and products including mobile app development, website design, and search engine optimisation.

Quality Deliverance

We believe delivering high-end quality apps to our clients and ensuring your brand will attract the attention of consumers.

Dedicated Development Team

We assign a dedicated and experienced UK based team to all our clients projects.

Excellent Support
We are always available to assist our clients at each phase of the app development process. Our technical team works hard to ensure that the final product meets our clients' expectations.
Types of Apps we develop:
Project 1

Project 1

Project 2

Project 2

Project 3

Project 3

Project 4

Project 4

Who We Are
We offer business and branding services to new and established brands.
What We Believe
Your business can make an impact and will with the right support.
What We Do
The development of apps complements our range of business and branding services.
Our People
Our team consists of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly people.
Our Ethos
We believe in taking a client’s project to the next level of success.
The App Lab
Developing your app to take your brand to the next level is our business.

Our Mobile App Development Services

The mobile app development services we offer are comprehensive and based upon a foundation of working in partnership with our clients to deliver a product that fully achieves their chosen objectives. Our technical experts are leaders in the field of app design and development and work consistently to stay ahead of the competition. Subsequently the aim for your target audience user will always be a flawless app experience. We will provide custom mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

We will create an Android mobile app for you that has industry standard stability to meet the necessities of varying devices from all popular brands. Our customised apps for Android will meet your business brand’s design and practical requirements. For premier full-stack Android app development contact us.
We will build a cross-platform app that affords the user an app that works with their chosen system. The development of cross-platform apps shortens the period of time it takes for your mobile app to start delivering revenue.
If you require a reliable iOS app we will deliver an iOS app development service to produce an app that is modern in functionality and custom in design. Our apps are fully compatible with top of the range Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches; and with services such as Apple TV, Apple Pay, and Apple Music.


App Branding Consultation
We will help you with the process of making your app distinct and recognisable.
Integrated App Designs
We will ensure your app achieves a high level of optimisation.
Content Writing and Images Supplied
We can provide images and written content if required.
Brochure Apps
Display your products and services in an app.
Ecommerce Apps
Sell your products and services in an app.
Services Apps
Provide your service using an app.
Responsive Apps
We will develop an app that is functional on different devices.
UX and UI Design
Our apps are designed to be fully interactive, easy to navigate and use while also having an appropriate aesthetic.
Custom Apps
If you need a bespoke design, contact us, as we routinely design custom apps.


After you fill out the consultation form on our website a consultant will contact you to formulate how we can best complete your project. A free consultation will be scheduled where an analysis of your requirements can be carried out.

UX/UI Design

Our design and development team will assess your app requirements and develop an action plan to design your app.


We will produce estimated project timescales and connect you with a project lead who you can discuss the process with.

Quality Assurance

The product will go through tests to ensure its functionality and design meets industry standards.

Maintenance and support

We will provide technical support to help you make the most out of your app.

‘Do you have questions about our services? This page will address some of your queries. If your question is not
answered here contact us.’

We continually observe the digital landscape to stay abreast of new developments so we can provide our clients with an industry leading product. In our view, the client’s expectations must be met and they must be fully satisfied with the product. We take design seriously and always aim to produce an app that appeals to the client and their users.
The end consumer and the app’s purpose are of critical importance in the app development process. These two factors must be considered to fully meet the client’s app development requirements. This questioning process helps us to deliver a high-quality product.
We build apps for start-ups and global brands. Our experience and talent gives us an edge over the competition so we can handle your project and produce a stunning product for you with ease.
It depends on the project. We will always aim to deliver the best service you will find for the best price. To ensure you are happy we will keep lines of communication open and will always inform you about costs.
It depends upon factors such as the design, the purpose of the app, and the consumer group. We can discuss your requirements and analyse which solution will work best for you.
It depends on the size of the project. But we will make the process as easy as possible for you. It also depends upon the stage of development of your project. If it is a new project it may take longer than a project that has already started. Either way we will assist you to produce the best outcome.
We are here to fulfil your requirements including making changes to an app. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your app development needs and we will accommodate you.

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